So who are we?…We are Liam and Alice, locals from these borders, who have started our long term dream of owning land and using it to provide tasty produce for the community!
Although it’s only the beginning of our business, we have been up here for little over a year now working away. Looking back, so much has already changed and evolved! (Don’t worry I have a backlog of photo spam ready😁).

We believe there should be more small scale growers providing their local communities with delicious seasonal produce. Our aim at Hare Hill Farm is to do just that, making sure we are as low impact as possible and (in the not too distant future) organic! So look out for us at local farmers markets and our delights at local eateries very soon!

We are still in the exciting stages of producing logos/website/the rest of the admin fun, but it won’t be long until our blog is up and running, as well as some cool content to feast your eyes on👀, but for now here are some pictures of what we are up to…

If you would like to know more about our plans or are looking for fruit and veg to be supplied to you, please drop us an email at

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