Meet our Exmoor Horn sheep! 7 ewes, our ram ‘Bilbo’ (he was already named😂) and their 9 lambs! It definitely proves difficult to get a photo of them all standing still let alone all together, so for now here are some throwback photos 🙂

We’ve had our sheep for nearly a year now and Liam especially has a soft spot for them! We are relatively new to keeping sheep and were very keen on getting ourselves a different breed. It’s been great fun learning along the way, although as always you take the good with the bad. We lost a ewe this summer to fly strike which was a big learning curve for us!

Back in March/April we had our lambs, which was one of the most amazing/tiring/overwhelming/frustrating/proud moments. Of course, lambing 7 sheep is small fry compared to friends who are busy with 400/500, but for us first time around, it was a great achievement!

The lambs are getting nice and big now and have recently been weened. In the next couple of months we will be sending a small number of them off for meat. We have friends who do the same and the lamb is like nothing else!

We feel it’s important that not only are people buying their veg locally, but if you eat meat, that too! We have so much delicious meat on our door steps, people should be making the most of their local butchers and suppliers🙌🏼
Next step for us is looking into selling our own lamb..and I’ll be keeping you posted on that one too!
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