Pictured are the A-Z of seeds which are currently sprouting beautifully in the polytunnel. To name a few, we have Onions, Fennel, Sprouts, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Chillis…the list really does go on…and on 🙂
I’d say we’re three quarters there with seed planting, which I’m pretty please with. Most of the seeds we have left will be direct sown in the next month using the new seeder (i’ll put a video up of our efforts), or will be succession sowed through the season.
As you can see Polytunnel No.2 is getting full of seed trays sitting on whatever we can fashion that can be taken down when we’re ready to plant in here (hooray for scaffolding equipment).
Now let’s all pray for lovely weather so we can plant out in good time. Temp in the tunnel today was close to 30 degrees, so if we can keep that up, we will be looking at an early crop to sell at our local market and to our lovely restaurant customers.
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