So it turns out we are lambing earlier than we thought this year. I think we must have worked out dates incorrectly..oops!

We had our first of the new arrivals on the 7th March – One ewe lamb and one ram lamb). Both of these ewe’s lambs had a twin, but unfortunately they died. One due to a tricky delivery and the other we’re not sure as she lambed, annoyingly, when we popped home (Yet another reason to have a bloody house up here!!). But we do have two lambs who are both healthy little ones. So fingers crossed they all follow suit and we have lots more lovely lambs this week☺️

I’m finding it frustrating not being able to get stuck in and L having to do everything (being the pregnant tea lady is rather boring). Although it’s a good job we only have 12 ewes lambing as apposed to 300😅
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